Specifications - T1 Reference Kit


Model Name T1-REF
Overview Compared to the T1 - Sandwich Kit, this configuration is a better choice for people using a workstation, reference, or similar-sized Founders Edition GPU. It is easier to build and more reliable because this kit doesn’t require a PCIe Riser. Pricing also makes this configuration the best value option.

The air-cooling advantage combined with a "PCIe Riser-Less" layout makes this kit ideal for those who value reliability and or those with travel needs.
Materials 2.5-15mm Aluminum, CNC Machined and Anodized
1.5mm Steel, Powder Coated
Dimension (cm) 13.5 x 22 x 33.5
Foot Print (cm^2) 452.25
Volume (L) 9.95L
Weight (KG) 2.5
Shipment Weight (KG) 3.0
Shipment Dimensions (cm) 8x30x40cm
Motherboard Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX, Deep-ITX
CPU Cooler Support 115mm max height
PCIe Riser Not Aplicable (not needed)
Graphics Card Support

GPUs no more than 112x325mm, 2-Slot thick

1. If the power supply cables add to the GPU *height, it may create compatibility issues.
2. Founders Edition 3080 and 3080TI FE will fit using the default 12P to dual 8P extension cable.
3. Workstation GPUs where power cables do *not add to GPU *height will fit.

Fan Support Top or Bottom: 1 or 2 x 120mm based on components
Side: 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm based on components
Liquid Cooling Support 1 x 120mm Radiator
1 x 240mm Radiator
1 x 280mm Radiator
Power Supply SFX Power Supply
SFX-L Power Supply
Front I/O Power Button
USB-C (requires a separate kit)