T1 V2 Interest Check
T1 V2 Interest Check
T1 V2 Interest Check

T1 V2 Interest Check

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The item is for Credit Card *Authorization ONLY!

We plan to split the current inventory, keeping some in Asia, and ship the rest to a regional warehouse in North America and Europe. This information will help us optimize shipping cost, transit time and taxes for the end customer.

Successful checkout or credit card authorization automatically adds your email to the mailing list when we launch.

Priority Status Background Story: In 2020, some customers had their T1 V1.1 orders cancelled after 2020-NOV-10 due to supply chain issues. Priority on ordering T1 V2 was rewarded to these customers as a perk. Some of these customer may choose to redeem this perk, and will be prioritized in both ordering and shipping available inventory. However, not all of these customers are expected to redeem said perk, which allows for some inventory for new customers as well.

Priority status is *only applicable to T1 V2 and not transferable to any other product!