What Is New For T1 Version 2.5

Better Surface Finish Easier Flatpack Assembly Easier Flatpack Assembly Easier Flatpack Assembly Easier Flatpack Assembly Better Structural Rigidity Better Structural Rigidity Better Structural Rigidity Better PCIe 4.0 Riser

Better Surface Finish

The Front, Top, and Bottom Panels have been upgraded to a finer sandblasting and smoother surface finish, matching flagship products from the smartphone industry. This superior finish is a result of our newly upgraded supply chain, adding to a more premium aesthetic and tactile experience.

The GPU, Power Supply, and Fan Brackets surface is more scratch-resistant.

Easier Flatpack Assembly

The types of screws needed for assembly are minimized. Assembly screws are now visually different from each other, making it easier to identify for assembly.

The Power Button is now assembled into the Front Panel for faster enclosure assembly. Rear Panel, Motherboard IO, and GPU Brackets are also prebuilt for easier enclosure assembly.

Better Structural Rigidity

Increased thickness for the Top and Side Struts improved rigidity for the enclosure, power supply, and motherboard installation. Note: The Side Strut's increased thickness is incompatible with older versions.

Better PCIe Riser Cable

The PCIe Riser Cable has been upgraded to a design meant for servers, offering enhanced reliability and installation flexibility. Additionally, the color has been updated to black.

Aluminum Mesh Side Panels Is Standard

The Mesh Side Panel material changed from steel to aluminum. Aluminum is a gentler material that helps prevent damage to the aluminum Front and Rear Panels during regular use.